3DED Electrodynamic 3-Axis Simultaneous Vibration Test System

At a time of transition for the automobile industry we wanted to bring movement into the old standards and looked into ways to make product tests that reflect the real conditions more accurately.

Analysing the various needs and requirements of our customers in Europe, America and worldwide, resulted in five key factors. The testing system, that can fulfil these five requirements, is what is necessary to allow testing products for the high-reliability needed in the next generation of automobiles.

  • Simultaneous 3-axis testing
  • High frequency range up to 2000 Hz
  • Support for PSD random and real wave patterns
  • High table uniformity
  • Low crosstalk

One of the keys was introduction of a unique multi-axis guide and structural support and alignment system (Patent: No. 2000-338010). Compared to hydrostatic support bearing systems which can be very expensive initially and also to maintain or replace, the 3DED™ utilizes a new support bearing system. It consists of both the slide system used on the Quake series as well as a completely new guide system that maintains structural integrity on the axis identified through the entire range of motions. Extensive testing and analyzation of the characteristics of causes and influences of inaccuracy and crossover affects were taken in all 3 axes simultaneously especially in the high frequency range. The slide system is both lightweight and highly accurate without having to deal with hydraulic fluids and seals. This 3 axis independent simultaneous slide system allows for full motion with minimal crossover effect. Additionally the horizontal and vertical guide system limits unwanted axis movement and increases Part Under Test capacity. With both isolation techniques the entire system limits any crossover, eliminating the need for an isolation pad.

Model VTS-20MO-3 VTS-30MO-3 VTS-40MO-3 VTS-50MO-3 VTS-60MO-3
Maximum Excitation (sine) 20kN 30kN 40kN 50kN 60kN
Frequency Range 5 - 2000 Hz
Maximum Acceleration 10G 15G 20G 24G 28G
Maximum Displacement ± 25mm (50mm p-p)
Table Dimensions 500mm x 500mm

A wide range of models and configurations are available, contact us today for your personal quotation.