3DSD Servomotor 3-Axis Simultaneous Vibration Test System

Our servomotor powered vibration test systems cover a wide range of table sizes and excitation force. It is extremely versatile and can be adapted to nearly any use case in the lower to midrange frequency range up to 500Hz depending on size.

Because of the similar frequency range, customers often have to weigh servomotor powered systems against hydraulic solutions. A direct comparison illustrates many advantages of servomotor technology.

  • More precision due to position based control
  • Less maintenance
  • No idle or warm-up time
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Clean and silent operation

Servomotor Three-Axis Vibration System for Electrical Devices and Automobile Components

Servomotor Three-Axis 4-Poster Test System

Servomotor Three-Axis Vibration Test System for Package Testing

Servomotor Vibration System for Railway Testing

Servomotor Three-Axis Simultaneous Vibration Test System

Sample configurations for mid-size system:

Model VTS-05ES-3 VTS-10ES-3 VTS-20ES-3
Maximum Excitation (sine) 5 kN 10 kN 20 kN
Maximum Payload 100 kg 200 kg 300 kg
Table Dimensions 500 mm x 500 mm 1000 mm x 1000 mm 1500 mm x 1500 mm
Frequency Range 0 - 200 Hz
Maximum Acceleration 3 G
Maximum Displacement ± 25 mm (50 mm p-p)
Maximum Velocity 70 cm/s

A wide range of models and configurations are available.