Sled / Shock Test Benches

The system utilizes the same proprietary servomotor technology we use in our servomotor-based vibration test systems. The characteristics are extremely low inertia while maintaining high torque capabilities. By utilizing this technology to it´ s fullest extent, we were able to build a machine enabling highly accurate reproduction of various kinds of wave patterns in addition to high test repeatability.

It supports sled- as well as conventional deceleration-type shock testing through the use of a plastic programmer. This combination of functionality usually provided by two separate machines makes our system extremely versatile and space efficient.

Acceleration Sled Configuration

Impact Acceleration 1 G - 30 G
Shock Pulse Duration 5 ms - 100 ms


  • Compliance with ECE-R100 P2
  • High precision wave reproduction and repeatability
  • Covers a wide range of shock accelerations
  • Thanks to our low inertia motor a precise simulation of various waveforms becomes possible in very short distances. That makes our test bench extremely space efficient

* The maximum acceleration can be adjusted through the adoption of a higher powered actuator (motor). Please enquire to learn more.

Deceleration Shock Configuration

Impact Acceleration up to 300 G
Shock Pulse Duration up to 11 ms


  • Supports high speed testing through the use of programmer

Attachment for deceleration shock configuration